Serene Park Hotel Tissamahara

Serene Park Hotel Tissamahara is located in a lush green rice field which dances in the gentle breezes with a silver glimmer both in sunshine and moonlight facing the grassy cool waters of the famous Tissa lake-cum islet in the middle bordering the misty blue hills to her north.

We are within a radius of 2km to two ancient Buddhist shrines-cum archaeological sites unearthed namely Sandhagiri Buddhist temple  and stupa (Dagaba) and ancient Yatala dagaba (Stupa) with archaeological museum with pleasure. I assure you  it’s 18km to Yala National Park and 18km to ancient Buddhist-cum Hindu shrines with elaborate and delicate decorations at Kataragama. You have very easy access to us, Serene park. Because we stand (Firm) serenely on the Kataragama-Hambantota main road. You are welcome to here to enjoy homely affection and tenderly care which you undoubtley deserve!


Ruhuna National Park which is popular known as Yala national park is located in the southern corner of our beautiful island. Sri Lanka is the pearl of The Indian Ocean.

Formerly a game reserve in the colonial Ceylon, today a safe haven for wild animals that breed, frolic, flirt, hide and hunt in their secured natural habitat is now open to visitors to see, look, watch, observe or for serious study.

Northern, North western and western areas of the park lie in the  Monaragala (Peacock rock) district in the Uva province while southern and south western areas stretch in the Hambantota district in the Southern Province.

A part of the southern and all the eastern and north eastern boundaries stretch along the golden-white beaches of the Indian ocean.

Yala is renowned for the variety of its wildlife, significantly characteristic of dry zone tropical thorny forest an undoubtedly one of the best national Parks in Sri Lanka for mammals: ferocious, daring, timid, gigantic, bony, humpy, sleekly, shaggy, quick, leisurely, cunning or dull graceful species.